Hexagon and Red Bull Technology Innovation Partnership Renewed


Framework contract renewal between Hexagon Metrology and the Formula One world champions.

Hexagon Metrology announces today the signing of an Innovation Partnership contract renewal with Red Bull Technology which runs until the end of 2015. This contract consolidates the strong cooperation between the supplier of metrology solutions and Red Bull Technology.

The Innovation Partnership means that aside from using production products from Hexagon Metrology, Red Bull Technology engineers are also involved with Hexagon Metrology R&D and testing, being at the forefront of automotive technology both companies benefit from this cooperation.

Chris Charnley, Quality Manager at Infiniti Red Bull Racing, said “Whilst continually pushing greater volumes of change through the business, we work to extremely tight lead-times but demand the best in component quality and accuracy. Hexagon Metrology provide us the very latest in technology and support to ensure that we can perform inspection tasks in the shortest possible times, but with complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the results.”

Al Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships at Infiniti Red Bull Racing, added “Hexagon is a hugely valued partner and the integral nature of their products and services means that they genuinely feel like part of the team. They share our passion and offer exceptional levels of support which ultimately helps us to remain competitive on track."

The level of customer service expected by the 3 times Formula One Constructor and Driver World Champions, is paramount, Chris talks of his experience with Hexagon Metrology service and applications teams: “The nature of our industry demands long hours, flexibility and professionalism from the Hexagon Metrology support engineers; that service is something we have to have. Support engineers from Hexagon Metrology are setting the standards for customer service.”

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