Hexagon Metrology and the BLOODHOUND SSC Land Speed Record project


Hexagon Metrology is proud to announce that it has signed an agreement to provide expert metrology consultation and services to the BLOODHOUND SSC project.

Hexagon Metrology will be using its full range of class leading measurement equipment to inspect individual components and sub-assemblies and ultimately to ensure the car is built as designed.

Experience and success in the F1 industry, along with being the number one metrology supplier to the UK aerospace industry, puts Hexagon Metrology in pole position to guide the Bloodhound SSC project to 1000mph and a new land speed record. Metrology plays a vital role in the design, build and application of high speed aerodynamic vehicles of all types. The Bloodhound SSC project is unique in that it combines the dynamics of a car and a fighter jet and dimensionally, everything must be perfect for the mission to succeed.

Laser inspection and sign-off of composite components has already begun and Hexagon Metrology experts will work closely with the Bloodhound SSC engineering team to ensure the car build is accurate, as the design becomes reality.

Richard Noble commented, "As we push the boundaries beyond 1000mph we need a partner that can match our ambition and provide us with mission critical measurement services using a range of class leading equipment at the forefront of metrology. From the smallest detail on the car to the alignment of the major car components over its total 12.8 meter length, everything has to be right."

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